How to KILL IT Wearing Doc Martens: Three Ways to Style Them (Collab with Mademoiselle O’Lantern)

Hello loves! How are you all doing?? I hope very well! Today’s post is in collaboration with the lovely Joy from Mademoiselle O’Lantern. From fashion, to beauty, to monthly favorites, Joy has plenty of amazing content that I guarantee you will love.  We both have been wanting to post about our love of Doc Martens, specifically how we personally style them. Check out how Joy styled her Docs here! Every person is so unique in their own individual vibe, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what Joy puts together! I think it will be very cool for you guys to jump between our two blogs and see the differences and similarities between our looks. On that note, let’s begin with the few outfits I’ve put together, specifically styled for black Doc Martens.

On the MET Steps (Or Pretending I’m Headed There, Anyway)

Not going to lie to you guys, I’m kind of okay with this cold weather if I had an outfit like this to wear everyday. It’s been a bit difficult to find the right outfits to bundle up in because I honestly don’t own a lot of clothing for the rain/wind. However, I’ve found that Doc Martens and layering sweaters under denim jackets has helped a lot with the frequent rainstorms. While I was up in Los Angeles the other day, the clouds decided to pour every last raindrop onto the city in sheets, and I desperately regret not having my Docs in such weather.



I think the color scheme is my favorite part of this outfit. I’ve been very into the nude/camel tones lately when it comes to sweaters. The specific one I’m wearing has buttons down the front and it can either be tucked into jeans or tied up in the front. It’s a very versatile sweater and I love the way it looks with my light wash denim jacket from Topshop. I’ve also thrown a chunky scarf over the jacket. This thing can quite literally be mistaken for a blanket when unfolded, but it sure does keep you warm and bundled up. I bought this for a Boston trip a few years ago and I’m still loving the pattern today (mostly because I love any clothing item that’s black, but that’s besides the point).



I, of course, wore dark denim distressed pants. I prefer the dark denim to blue denim when I have this specific jacket on. It overall creates a better look in my opinion but hey, if you’re feeling very 90’s then you go for that denim on denim! Then I threw on my Docs, which brings such a cool and edgy vibe to this entire outfit. They really bring it full circle and are perfect with the jeans.


Who Says Gym Attire Can’t Be Worn With Docs??

So a little back story for you. When I was a kid I owned a pair of black floral Docs. I wore them a ton and scuffed them up. Of course I grew out of them a bit, but now they are considered a bit “vintage” if you will. Vintage in the sense that my younger sister has now taken the shoes and considers them in style again! It’s so crazy to me how styles go in out of fashion so quickly. Docs of course have been a staple in fashion for countless years, but it was fun to see my old shoes become cool again. This style has definitely come full circle for me as well, since I’ve bought a new pair that represents my current style a bit better.


What’s different about my new pair compared to the last is the material. These black Docs seem to have a much lighter, more flexible material than styles the company has released previously. I personally think they are much more comfortable and break in with tons more ease than before. (Docs have a reputation for being hard to break in). With that being said, I tried wearing them with some of my comfiest pieces (that being my LuLu Lemon yoga pants and a cropped sweatshirt). Since I’ve been spending so much time on my blog lately I’ve been LIVING in yoga pants, sweatshirts, and gym attire. If I have to run a quick errand on a busy day, I want to be as comfortable as possible while still looking as if I put effort into my outfit. Throwing on your favorite yoga pants and a big sweatshirt with these docs is one of the best ways to go!


As I’ve mentioned before on the blog, I’ve really been loving the athleisure looks recently.  I believe Docs can totally be incorporated into this trend. Not only is it versatile for running errands and heading straight to the gym, but you look really freaking cool while doing all of your day to day activities! Am I right??


Rain, Rain, Go Away! (Until I Get My Docs, At Least)

This is probably the edgiest look out of all three outfits, and I’m not mad about it! You guys have seen these pants on the blog (and Instagram), but I’m shocked at how well they paired with my Doc Martens! These striped pants are not form fitting at all but do cinch at the waist, which help give your figure some sort of shape. They are cuffed at the bottom, making them the perfect length for throwing on some Docs! I loved wearing these pants for work but I’m obsessed with how they transform when worn with thick black boots. It shows you how much a pair of shoes can do for a look!



I wanted the top portion of this outfit to mirror the black color of the boots, so I threw on a black cropped t-shirt. It is cut in a very specific way so the front of it ties up. This top is such a perfect basic and falls right where the pants end on your waist. I would love to wear this outfit again because I really do love it’s tough (yet somehow girly?) vibe.



Of course, since it was extremely cold the day of this shoot, I had to throw on a long jacket. I specifically love the color of it and the way it pairs with the striped pants. Being engulfed by all the fabric is extremely cozy, but you still have a bomb outfit on underneath. What’s better than comfort paired with style?? This jacket also has very large pockets, which is drastically different from the (pathetically) small pockets we get with women’s pants. It’s perfect to throw your keys, phone, or other necessities in. It is another piece of mine that I bought years ago but is still relevant and useful to me today.


Let me know which outfit of the three was your favorite in the comments! I’m so happy Doc Martens have made a comeback in fashion recently. In the summer, I would love to pair them with sundresses and things that are very feminine. Hopefully this rain will go away so I can try out those looks for springtime! Anyways thanks so much for reading and definitely check out Joy’s blog for how she styled Doc Martens, as well as her Instagram for beautiful content from a beautiful person! Have a great rest of your week! xx


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My Current Makeup Routine 2019!

Hey everyone! So I’m coming back today with another video for you guys! With every video, I’m learning more and more tricks to editing and the effects that are possible with Final Cut Pro. This video is a shorter one where I show you my current makeup routine for 2019! I’ve been obsessed with this easy to master eye look with lots of bronzer and glowy highlighter! I’ve been trying out some new skincare products (which I want to make a post about later) that are featured in this video. Check it out below!

What I love so much about makeup is even if you have uneven and imperfect skin, you can still be creative and artistic. As someone who still struggles with redness and scarring, I genuinely enjoy trying out new products and creating bold or natural looks. I really hope you all enjoy this video and that you learn a little something new today! Drop a like (if you liked) and subscribe if this is your first time seeing my videos! Let me know if you have any video requests down below in the comments, I’d love to know your thoughts and what you’d like to see! xx


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Color Blocking Around Town OOTD!

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a fantastic week. I think I’m finally out of my motivation slump, which lasted shockingly long. However, I’m back at creating and it’s never felt so good! I have an OOTD for you guys today, and I have to say I love how the photos turned out. Since putting more effort into researching poses/unique angles, I think the quality of my photos have really improved. I’d love to make a post about how I found interesting poses/compositions and how I execute them. Let me know if you’d like to see that! Anyways here’s some of my favorite photos from the shoot and a deeper dive into the look!




Guys…how cool is this sweater?? Very rarely do I buy something this colorful, but it was calling my name! I simply could not ignore it and I’m so glad I tried it on. It comes with a white version like the one I have on, or a black version! I purchased this sweater at Melrose in the O.C. (of course, because half my wardrobe consists of this fab store). I realize this shop is exclusive to Orange County (although you can purchase this same sweater from their website here), but I’ve been seeing a lot of similar color blocked sweaters on Instagram and at various stores. I did a little research for you and found some different versions of this color blocked sweater! Click the links below to find some options!Image.jpg


Forever 21





This is probably one of the bulkiest sweaters I own. It’s very thick, making it great for a rainy day (for my SoCal friends, another downpour is coming this week!) If you live in a cold place, layering a long jacket and scarf with this would be perfect for those crisp mornings. It’s composed of lots of color blocking with blue, peach, red, pink, and green. Such an interesting color combo, but it totally works! It has quite a high neck line and I decided to roll up the sleeves for a little flare, because why not?!

As for jeans, I’ve been OBSESSING over my new high waisted black pair. Shockingly, they’re not distressed at all, which I normally prefer and am most comfortable in. I somehow managed to tuck in the front of this thick sweater into the jeans for a more sophisticated look (I’ve been super into that lately). Of course, I always end up rolling the bottoms of my jeans because your girl is SHORT!




Let’s talk accessories, shall we? For some reason the vibe of this sweater just calls for a hat. I’ve featured this amazing hat in some of my other photos, but it paired perfectly with the colors in the sweater. This sweater and hat is the epitome of a California winter. You might need a little shade from the sun, but the air is cool and there’s always wind from the ocean. You’ll definitely see me sporting this look around town if you’re in the Souther California area!



I hope you guys enjoyed this OOTD! I genuinely love how these photos turned out from the shoot to editing, so let me know how you like them down in the comments. Also tell me what your favorite part of this outfit is! 

Also, I wanted to mention that I made a poll on Instagram asking you guys if you preferred fashion or beauty posts. It was a close run, but you all voted for more fashion posts! I personally love outfit posts, so your wish is my command! I’m always open to new post ideas, so please feel free to let me know what other kinds of content you’d like to see from me. Whether that’s more videos, more posts about Southern California, beauty reviews, best tips (or tutorials) involving art or design, how I edit, etc. I’ll talk to you guys very soon! Have a great rest of your week! xx


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Collaboration with Thriver Boutique! (Discount Code Included)

Hello loves! I’m coming back at you with another collaboration! I honestly haven’t agreed to do any collaboration posts in a while because I simply haven’t loved the products presented to me. I’m all about being authentic when I’m recommending something to you guys, and I’m happy to say I’ve found an amazing company that I can’t wait to share with you all. Thriver Boutique reached out to me and when I checked out their site, I was SO impressed! The clothes were adorable, not to mention they were extremely high quality which is hard to find these days. I can’t wait to show you a couple things I bought from the site, so let’s get straight into it! (Discount code at bottom).

Windy Day On The Cliffs


Edit from


Edit from

The first item I added to my cart from Thriver was this adorable camel-colored sweater. They didn’t have my exact size, so I decided to size up so it would be extra cozy. I’m so glad I did because this sweater has been perfect for coziness but also makes me feel super put together! It’s very long in the front and the back, which I love when it comes to sweaters. This way, I can wear it normally or tuck it into a pair of high waisted jeans like I did for this shoot. The long sleeves are meant to be a little more fitted than the rest of the sweater, giving it a very feminine feel.

The material is very high quality and soft. It’s also not extremely thick (which I prefer), making it the perfect layering piece under a denim or leather jacket with a scarf. Assuming of course, that you live in a colder area where you would need multiple layers. I personally chose to style it with a Madewell scarf tied around my neck and tucked into high waisted jeans. Of course, I couldn’t go without my leopard belt either and I think it pairs very well with the color of the sweater.



Let’s not forget about the shoes! I’ve been wearing these platform vans constantly! They look so cool with any outfit and give you a bit more height (which, being 5’4″ I could use a couple more inches). They give a very casual vibe and I love how they look with the Thriver sweater. There’s a few different patterns going on in this look, but I’m kind of loving it! What do you guys think?

“Winter” in California



Okay I can’t even tell you guys how much I adore this sweater! I saw it on the site and absolutely had to have it. It looked adorable on the model and I was SO excited when it came in the mail. First of all, THE SLEEVES. How fabulous are those?? They flare out around the wrist, which makes the sweater move in such a unique and fun way. The next thing that caught my eye was the color. I don’t own a dark teal sweater, but I’m really feeling it. Especially with the small black band at the collar! The sweater is not super long, making it perfect to tuck into high waisted jeans. I paired it with one of my favorite high waisted pairs from Topshop (I wear these literally all the time, but they looked so good with the teal color).


I think this is going to be one of my staples for spring. I can’t wait to wear this on picnics with my big woven bag! The knit sweater is pretty thin and a bit see through. I’d recommend wearing a bralette or even a spaghetti strap underneath. I opted for a bralette and it worked out perfectly! As for accessories, I’m wearing my dainty star necklace from Madewell and gold double hoop earrings also from Madewell. Click the links to go straight to these products on the Madewell site!


A Discount Just for You!

I hope you guys love these pieces as much as I do! I’d seriously recommend checking out Thriver Boutique for all their great products! Not only because of that, but they’ve provided an awesome discount, specifically for my readers! Use the code “Sage” at checkout for 10% off your order at Thriver! I know so many people would love their clothes and a lot of the brands they offer are sold at some of my favorite retail stores! You’re definitely getting quality with this company, and of course a fun discount! They also offer loads of beautiful jewelry and accessories, so peek around there after finding some beautiful clothes. I’m hoping to order more things from Thriver so look out for another post from them! Let me know which piece was your favorite down below in the comments and I’ll talk to you all very soon! xx


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The Time My Plane Got Struck By Lightning in Greece!

Hello loves! Hope you all had a great weekend and if you’re in the States, having a good ol’ time celebrating MLK Day! I’m headed down to San Diego today but wanted to post a little something for you this morning. I filmed a new video a few days ago and finally got all the editing done! I learned a lot of new editing techniques and really built upon my skills, which is super important when it comes to being creative. The video is a storytime about when I was in Greece with a few of my friends and we were headed back home to the U.S. I recount so many events of that trip and how basically everything went wrong. Our plane being struck by lightning triggered many other unfortunate happenings. I look back on this story and have a good laugh about it, so I hope you guys do too!

I’ve mentioned this multiple times on my blog and have so many posts about it, but I went on a trip called Euroterm through my college a couple summers ago. We went to England, France, Germany, Italy, and of course Greece! It was one of the best times of my life and every detail was perfect (although getting home, as you’ll see from the video, was a bit of a challenge). So sit back, relax, and enjoy the video! Be sure to hit the like button if you enjoyed and subscribe if you’ve never seen my videos before!

I was honestly so grateful to go on this trip and still look back on it very fondly. Being in this specific situation of dealing with airlines and hotels really taught me a lot about traveling and how to handle things. Sometimes we have to go through difficult situations in order to grow and they may even make a great story in the end! The is definitely one of those times. Let me know what you thought of the video down in the comments or what shocked you most about the story! xx


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Freelancing & Creating Professional Résumés!

What’s up, everyone? So, bit of a different post this morning. Since graduating college, freelancing has always been an option as a Graphic Design major. It wasn’t necessarily something I was interested in since I wanted to work within a company with lots of creative people that I could create cool things with. However, I am now pushing myself to try something completely new and open my mind to some freelance work. With that being said, I had a few friends reach out to me recently wanting their resumes updated and changed. Of course I was happy to do this for them, and they were very happy with their new resumes that they could take to interviews and potential employers.

As a designer, I have access to all of the Adobe Suite programs, including InDesign. I use this to create the resumes in a very professional fashion. With that being said, I wanted to extend this offer to all of you high school students or soon to be college grads. If you’d like a professional resume created by a designer, that is easily printable and perfect for any upcoming job interviews, please feel free to contact me! You can email me at, leave a comment below with questions, or DM me on Instagram.

The process is extremely simple. Create a Word document with any information you’d like on your resume including but not limited to: contact info, education, work experience, skills, awards, etc. Be sure to send me your information in a document that can be easily copied and pasted into InDesign (most Word Documents or PDF’s allow this). I will create your custom resume and allow one revision, free of charge. I will be accepting payments via Venmo!

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in or what a resume that is guaranteed to make you stand out in an interview, please contact me. Resumes are an extremely important aspect when looking for new work, and you want to come across unique and put together. Below I’ve attached a few examples of what your personal resume could look like! (These are purely examples/templates).


I hope this can be a service that is very helpful to you guys. All information will be kept confidential of course! I’m excited for this new project and looking forward to hearing from any of you. Talk to you all very soon with a more normal blog post! xx


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Comfy & Cozy Athleisure OOTD!

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday!! Wow, it’s been quite some time since I photographed for a new OOTD. This one was quite spontaneous but something I’ve been throwing on very often. Recently the comfy/casual look has been very popular, specifically in streetwear. I’m personally a huge fan of this since I love a good baggy sweatshirt and a pair of tennis shoes. Outfits that can transform from gym sessions to everyday style is something you simply can’t miss out on! So without further ado, here is my comfy athleisure outfit for a day at the gym and being a straight up Girlboss!


So it’s actually been super rainy out here in California lately…like flooding has occurred. Which is honestly kind of scary seeing this much rain but on the up side, gives me TONS of opportunities to bring out all the hoodies and beanies that I want! It’s a whole new world out here, people!! As a lot of you know, I’m absolutely in love with any black clothing item. For some reason in recent years especially I’ve loved an all black look. I think that’s one reason why I’m obsessing over this simple black cropped hoodie from H&M. I don’t own any other cropped hoodies but I’m honestly super into it. As far as the cut goes, it has the classic hood with draw strings in the front.


I’ve actually worn this hoodie multiple times now to the gym. It’s been perfect for workouts considering I don’t like wearing tops that are constricting. I prefer going with something more loose on the top that I can just throw on in the mornings (which is when I usually work out). I’ll push up the sleeves if I get too warm, but since it’s been so cold and rainy, I love this piece even more. With this sweatshirt, I’ll wear my usual Lulu Lemon high waisted workout pants or another high waisted variation from Nordstrom (usually the brand called Zella).


On this particular day though, I paired this comfy sweatshirt with some high waisted jeans. The fit is a bit looser than normal denim, so I consider these my mom jeans since they’re very high waisted. These jeans have a very unique hemline at the ankle; the front portion is much shorter than the back, giving a cool geometric look or 90% angle (you can see this in the left photo). I get all my denim from a little store in my town that I’ve been going to for years. I’ve mentioned this store countless times on the blog, but I got these jeans at Melrose in the O.C. I’m not sure if you can get these jeans on their site, but I’d recommend taking some time to look around! Literally all of the pieces they offer are to die for!


Alright, on to accessories and the focal point of this look: my red checkered Vans!!! Guys, I’m so in love with this red kicks, I seriously can’t get over it. I’m not normally one to buy red but I got these for Christmas and I’ve been trying to find any excuse to wear them. I think they look best with a simple outfit like this so they have the opportunity to stand out. I’ve had the original black and white checkered Vans for quite some time now and have completely worn them down. It was definitely time for a new pair and these are just SO unique! Plus, they match our blooming bougainvillea plant, which has just been looking so lovely.

As for my necklace, I completely spaced and forgot to get a decent photo of it. However, it’s from Madewell and it’s a simple gold chain with small stars wrapping all around it. I’ve been super into the whole galaxy (moon, stars, constellations) accessory trend recently, so I’ve been wearing it everyday! It’s another piece that really adds a pop of shine to any outfit, especially if it’s a simple look like this.


Let me know what you think of this OOTD down in the comments! How are you staying comfy and cozy (but still killing it) during this chilly and rainy season? I’d love to know! P.S. enjoy this goofy photo of me because I rarely post anything silly on this blog. Maybe we’ll change that up, LOL! Have a great rest of your week and talk to you all very soon! xx


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The Reality of Post Grad Life: Friendships

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all doing very well. I know some of you over on Instagram are in the high school to college age range, which has made me want to discuss some thoughts about post grad life. I have a similar post here, but there’s something a little more specific I wanted to talk about: friendships. One of the major perks about college (especially when you live in dorms) is the fact that your friends are all in close proximity to you. I loved the years when my friends were right across the hall and I could see them every morning or every night. It was so easy to keep in touch with people when you had similar schedules as well.

However, all of that changes after graduation. Everyone spreads out to their respective locations and start focusing on getting a job or furthering their education. I now have friends all over the United States, which sounds cool but can be a bit hard at times. Going from seeing your peers consistently everyday and going on adventures to having friends spread across the country is a bit shocking. It’s not easy all the time, and it’s not something that is commonly talked about during life after college.

However, it’s not all a bummer! The dynamics of these friendships simply change and patience becomes a factor. Everyone is working full time, which means being intentional with every friendship becomes a must. Schedules become crazy and sometimes seeing your friends is difficult. This is where texting, calling, or FaceTiming comes into play. Pick up that phone whenever you have a free moment and call that friend! While seeing your old friends might not happen as often as before, you still must put in the work to keep in touch. Which by the way, is so fun! I love catching up with friends I’ve had for years and hearing about all the things they have going on. It’s a great escape from work (or school if you’re pursuing grad school).

So here’s a few things you can do to keep in touch with your friends across the country or maybe even across the world!

  • Send a text as often as you can, just checking up on them or seeing how they’re doing.
  • Send an actual letter! I know I personally love receiving letters in the mail, especially because it’s not something that is often done anymore.
  • Schedule times to FaceTime. Every person has access to a phone, so figure out a time with your friend to call or FaceTime, which is much more personal (and fun) than constantly texting
  • Send a small care package. If your friend has just bought their first apartment in a new city, sending them a small care package to let them know you’re thinking of them is so thoughtful and shows you care.

Post grad life can be a big adjustment, but being ready for these changes is everything. I’ll admit a lot of things end up changing, but that simply means you’re growing. Some friends may stay and others will go. For whatever the reason, just know it’s a part of life and you never know the good things coming for you. I hope you guys enjoyed this little post about life after college. I was thinking it could be really beneficial to write a few different versions of these, all about different topics discussing post grad life. So if you guys have any specific questions about what it’s like after graduation, please leave them in the comments below or send me a DM on Instagram! Talk to you all very soon! xx


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New Years Resolutions & Where I’ve Been!

Hello everyone! Well, I thought it was finally time to make another blog post. Ever since my struggle with Blogmas, I’ll be honest it’s been a bit hard for me to sit down and write again. But that’s what I want to talk to you guys about today…what exactly has been going on. So without beating around the bush, I’ll jump straight into it.

Health Takes a Dip

The week before my Christmas break from work, I ended up getting a fairly bad cold. I stayed home from work one day to recuperate and pushed myself to go back probably a bit too soon. However, it was just a cold and things needed to get done. Christmas break was finally here and my health was improving everyday until the sickness was completely gone! My break was spent eating lots of great food and spending time with my family. I had a few days of work to complete but most of it was very relaxing and exactly what I needed. Unfortunately though, with about a week dealing with that cold and the holiday, my time at the gym was starting to diminish and I wasn’t watching what I was eating in the slightest. To summarize: I was falling into old habits and my health was very up and down.

Hit with the Flu…Again

I had some exciting plans for New Years Eve that I was looking forward to. The past couple years I had chosen to stay in for this particular holiday, so I was excited to get myself out again. However, you might be able to guess what happened next…I got hit with one of the worst flus I’ve ever experienced. Yep, worse than the cold I had before. I had the shakes, a high fever for literally days, and so many other symptoms. I ended up staying in bed on New Years Eve, New Years day, and about four days after that. It was a bad one, guys. I ended up going to see a doctor and getting some antibiotics which helped kick this illness out of me. We were concerned it had the potential to turn into pneumonia, which is why I was being so careful. I usually go a very holistic route when I’m sick and avoid anything stronger than Advil. However this time, antibiotics were necessary. While I’m feeling SO much better now, it took a good 9 days to feel functional again.

Backtrack to January 1st, I was given some news that was definitely surprising to me but ultimately is leading me in a much more positive direction. Some could see it as a huge setback, but I’ve chosen to see it as a great opportunity that I’m grateful for. I’m very excited for the future, and that’s all I’ll say about it.

Since I was so knocked down by this second flu, my time at the gym and taking care of my health was basically nonexistent. I still couldn’t tell you the last time I’ve been at the gym. Before I got sick, my health had become such a priority to me and my time at the gym had become so relaxing and something I needed. So to not be able to do that was tough. Now that my health is finally on the upswing, I’ve been going on plenty of beach runs/walks with my sister. Taking in the sun and saltwater has been so healing for me and has been my escape.

Declining Motivation

Now I’d like to address how all of this has affected this blog and my motivation in general. I have to be honest with you guys and say that I’ve never felt this unmotivated to do the things I love. This blog has always been so important to me even though I struggle with consistency. Never before though, have I had 0% motivation to write, take photos, or anything along the lines of being creative. Even on Instagram, I’ve barely posted and not even cared. I’m not really sure how to deal with this since I’ve always been an overachieving person who wants to grow in what I love. Writing this post is definitely a step in the right direction, although I still feel like something’s missing. I had such high hopes for 2019 and still do, but my motivation has never been so low. I think the hardest part about it is that I’m only hurting myself. I’m not growing or doing anything beneficial for myself in this state and it bothers me a ton. If any of you have some tips on how you stay motivated or bounce back from something destructive like illness, let me know in the comments below! 

2019 Resolutions

This part of the post is solely for myself, but feel free to keep reading! I thought making a short list of things I want to accomplish in 2019 will help my motivation a bit, so here is that list.

  • Bounce back from anything negative with the strength to be and do better
  • Be more consistent with anything and everything in my life
  • Meet new people that help me grow creatively, intellectually, and spiritually (expand my circle of friends in general)
  • Find something that will start a career that I’ll be excited about for years to come
  • Stand up for myself and what I know is right. To not be afraid anymore of speaking my mind, even to those above me
  • Build more confidence
  • Look into furthering my education
  • Find ways to be creative in whatever moment I’m in
  • Reach my goal weight/make good health a lifestyle instead of a task
  • Change my mindset into something more productive
  • Rebrand the blog/schedule out posts more often
  • Make more videos/build editing skills with Final Cut Pro
  • Be more intentional with everyone I meet
  • ATTEMPT to eat less sweets/chocolate (this might be the hardest resolution)

I hope you guys found something on this list that you’d like to do yourself or found inspiration in. I’m sorry for my absence but I honestly wasn’t planning it…I think I needed it though. I’m trying to find my motivation again as quick as possible, but I don’t want this blog to feel like a job. I know the more it feels like a hobby and something I’m not forcing, I’ll want to create more content. I appreciate your patience and thank you guys for reading!


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My Winter Makeup Routine 2018!

Hello everyone! It’s been a little bit. For so long now I’ve been wanting to get another video up on my YouTube channel. Making a video takes a lot more time than getting a blog post up, but I’m so excited I got another one done! I’ve specifically been wanting to create a makeup routine, and with the holidays coming up, it seemed like the perfect time to finally make it. Being in the middle of winter, I prefer not to wear too much heavy makeup. For example a full coverage foundation or tons of eyeshadow. I’ve also been having some difficulties with my skin again, so I’ve been trying to wear as minimal makeup as possible. In this video is a simple routine that is very easy to follow. I like my brows natural and my wings subtle. With that being said, here is the video!

With each new video I’ve made, editing has becoming an easier and quicker process. It’s been awesome to see my skills improve each time, so I really hope you guys have been enjoying! I believe that even with bad skin, you can still have fun with makeup and I hope that’s apparent in my video. While most of my issues deal with scarring which can easily be covered up by concealer, I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with makeup and finding new ways to get creative. Especially with Christmas coming up tomorrow and the new year just days away, it’s the perfect time to try something new. Let me know what you thought of the video below in the comments. Maybe drop a like and subscribe if this is the first time you’re seeing my videos!


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