What I Brought Back from Boston!

Hello lovelies! While I was in Boston, I did a little bit of shopping. One reason is because they have the only Primark store in the whole country! So whenever I’m there I make sure to stop by. Not only does the store have FOUR stories, it is also insanely cheap. They have the cutest clothes, shoes, and even homeware section! My boyfriend actually ended up getting a lot of things for his apartment like towels and bath mats for extremely cheap. I ended up getting a couple clothing items, some beauty stuff, and more! Most of the things I brought back are from Primark, so be sure to check their website for these same items. So let’s jump right in!


So I’ll begin with clothes. The first thing I bought from Primark was the knit vest/kimono. Although it is not a very springy/summery color, I love the loose knit material and frill at the bottom. It has that very Coachella/boho style that I love. I can’t wait to throw this over a loose shirt and high waisted shorts! I definitely am planning an OOTD with this baby so look out for that!



I bought these flowy shorts because I thought they’d be perfect for the warmer California weather. They have adorable tassels that swoop down across and are the nicest details. These are the reason I bought these shorts. I don’t have anything like them and they also give that boho vibe that I love to have in my wardrobe. They tie at the waist and at the bottom of those ties are little wooden beads. I can’t wait to style these so look for an OOTD with these as well!


Let’s move on to shoes. I found these babies at Primark in their extensive shoe collection. I don’t buy sandals super often, but I think these are so perfect for the summer! I love the color and how they tie together all the way up. They are also surprisingly comfortable for super cheap shoes, so that was a plus. The cutouts on each strap add some nice detailing to these sandals as well.


This second pair of shoes are my new obsession! They tie all the way up like the previous sandals (I’m loving that trend). They are also heeled a couple inches, so they look a little more formal than normal sandals. I love how they are all black and can be dressed up or down. They can definitely be worn casually, but since they have a heel, they can be worn with a formal outfit. You can find out more about these shoes on my Instagram as well!



Next are a couple makeup products I picked up in line at Primark. They have so many goodies available while you are standing around to checkout. All of them are $1 or less! So I figured, hey, why not? First is this nude/brown lip liner. I’ve really been wanting to try out this color. I don’t have a lipstick to go with it, but the liner works just fine! Although it is not super high quality, it definitely works for a little pop to your lips.

Second is a blue beauty blender. I use beauty blenders everyday to blend out my concealer and I needed a new one. This one was $1 or $1.50. The ends of it are flat, which is something I’m not used to, but I wanted to make it work since beauty blenders usually sell for a much higher price! This was such a steal!


The last thing I bought was an iPhone case! I needed a new one and I spotted this at Urban Outfitters. It’s a couple palm branches that cover most of the case. The little Apple icon peeks through them which is so cute! This case was $20, which I thought was a pretty good price since other cases like this could sell for $35. It has such a California look to it which is totally me. It also has a pink tint to it, so it makes my silver iPhone look slightly pink. Adorable!

So I hope you guys enjoyed this little haul from my Boston trip! I had so much fun there and I’m glad I picked these things up. Definitely check out Primark if you’re not familiar with it, it’s honestly such a great place to shop! Hope you all are enjoying your week and wrapping up finals if you’re still in school!❤

Travel Journal: Boston to California, Anxiety, and more Photography!

Hi loves! My Boston trip is officially over and I’m a little bummed about it. I was there for about 8 days and I saw SO MUCH of the city. I stayed at Northeastern University, which is a gorgeous school surrounded by the high rising buildings and the bustling of Boston. Some days, the weather was a bit chilly, but others it was absolutely beautiful and sunny so we got to walk around a little more and explore. One of my favorite things we did was go to the Museum of Fine Arts, which was a block away from Northeastern. It’s such a big museum, so we stuck with what we really wanted to see. For me, it was all of the Impressionist painters and one of everyone’s favorites, Picasso! They had a separate exhibition  specifically outlining the work of Picasso and I was awestruck to stand where he did in front of these works. I had the same feeling when seeing the many works of Monet. I was pleasantly surprised when they had even more pieces from Cezanne, Gauguin, and even Rembrandt! It was awesome to see these paintings at the time I did since I just finished up my second Art History class where we covered all of these artists. I don’t think I’ve ever been that excited about being in a museum, so I definitely recommend going to it if you’re in the Boston area! Here’s some photos from the museum:








The next few days, we went to a Boston Red Sox game (where we sat right behind home plate), to Harvard University, Quincy Market for some food, and Chinatown for pho. I actually got some bomb vegetarian pho at the restaurant we went to in Chinatown. The Red Sox game was SO fun and it was great to see Fenway Stadium with all it’s history. Harvard was a beautiful campus in Cambridge, which had a lot of shopping and was fun to walk around in. Here’s a few photos from those days:

Red Sox Game


VSCO Cam-1.jpg

VSCO Cam-1-4.jpg











Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, so it was time for me to make the trip back home. I’ve always been a very nervous flyer, and this time I had to fly back on my own. Those who know me well understand just how extremely nervous I get. I’ve struggled with anxiety in my life, and planes definitely trigger that for me. But I knew if I wanted to make this trip, I would have to make myself fly alone. I anticipated it the whole trip, but I knew if I did this alone, I would feel so accomplished and stronger. I know there are some people who fly extremely often, and even young kids do it. For me though, it’s not something I grew up doing very often and it’s simply one of my fears and something that gives me anxiety.

However, I got myself through security and found my gate very easily. I was proud of myself for doing those simple things, but the 6 and a half hour flight was still ahead of me. It came time to board the plane and I tried my best to keep my cool and maintain confidence. We all shuffled on board the plane and I found my seat. All of the little things I was worried about (getting lost at the airport, doing something wrong, etc.) were over so all I had to do was wait out the flight. As we took off, I experienced all the normal anxiety symptoms, but I got myself through it. The whole flight was fairly easy and not extremely bumpy, but I experienced the same anxiety during the descent. But through all of the worrying, I realized I’m not the anxiety ridden little girl I was in high school. I can control it now and that has given me so much more confidence! I travelled across the country by myself and even though for some that is no big deal, I conquered one of my fears and that’s exactly how anxiety won’t control your life. I’m not letting it control my life anymore and by making this trip, I proved that to myself. I hope this little snippet of my life helps one of my readers or inspires you to overcome whatever anxieties you bear. Face it head on and have confidence in yourself to do what you never thought you could! I also hope you enjoyed more of my photography, please feel free to leave any comments down below! Happy to be back in my little California oasis❤

My First Few Days in Boston!

Hey guys! So I have successfully travelled to Boston with my boyfriend and we have been here for four days. We’ve done so many fun things and I wanted to make a post to share some of the photos I’ve taken along the way. He took me to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market, where we got some bomb (gluten free) clam chowder and chocolate mousse, to Boston Harbor, to my favorite little cemetery, a drop dead gorgeous old church, Boston Commons, the Museum of Fine Arts, and one of my favorite places, Primark! Between all of this we have been strolling through the city taking in the sites he sees everyday. As I mentioned, I’ve been getting some amazing photography and I wanted to share that here on my blog. Photography is becoming a continually more interesting and fun thing for me, so it’s been great to get some unique shots here in Boston.

It’s such a beautiful city and I can’t wait to share more about the trip once I’m back in California. But until then, please enjoy some of my photography and feel free to leave comments or recommendations for where we should go next! Today’s plan is to go to a Red Sox game at Fenway! Also, I have been posting a lot of photos on my Instagram and A TON on my Tumblr under the photography tab, so check those out for more beautiful photos of the city!

*All of these photographs were taken with a Nikon D5500*

VSCO Cam-1-9.jpg

VSCO Cam-1-4.jpg

VSCO Cam-1-11.jpg

VSCO Cam-1-6.jpg

VSCO Cam-1-13.jpg


VSCO Cam-1-7.jpg

VSCO Cam-1-14.jpg

VSCO Cam-1-5.jpg

VSCO Cam-1.jpg

VSCO Cam-1-10.jpg

VSCO Cam-1-8.jpg








Hope you enjoyed, thanks guys!❤

Almost Summer Vibes + Boston Trip!

Hi loves! I am so incredibly sorry I haven’t posted in a while! My life has been seriously hectic lately between my last days of classes, finals, and trying to spend time with my boyfriend who’s home from Boston. I’ve been so sad that I haven’t had time to post anything, but I have good news! This Saturday, after my finals are finished and my sophomore year is officially over, I will be traveling with my bf to Boston! This will be my second time heading over there, and I am SO EXCITED! Every time I travel, I get addicted to it more and more. Boston has become one of my favorite cities and I’m so happy I have someone to show me around and take me to the most interesting places.

Some places we plan to go to are: the Museum of Fine Art (MFA), roof gardens, a Red Sox game at Fenway, and simply exploring the city! I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on Instagram as well of all the things we’ll be up to. The last time I visited Boston we didn’t stay directly in the city and it was during the fall season. This time however, I will be staying right in the city and summer is coming! So I’m hoping the weather will be beautiful everyday! I’m a nervous flyer however, so wish me luck as I take this rather long journey on a plane.

As of now though, I am finishing up my last papers and studying for finals week. Those of you who are in college or have been through college know the stresses and struggles of finals week. I can’t wait to get this week over with, go on my trip, and come back to my beautiful, summery California! I am so stoked for this summer and I’ll be sure to fill it with blog posts! I can’t wait to make up for this lost time and my absence on this blog. Again, I’m so sorry for my posting scarcity, but I hope you understand! Also, if any of you live on the east coast or even specifically in Boston, please comment and let me know the best places to visit, I need more ideas! Talk to you guys soon!❤

Fashion and Lifestyle Books!

Hi loves! I recently got a couple of books from authors Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari.  If you are familiar with the Laguna Beach reality show or The Hills, you know quite a bit about these two ladies. I absolutely loved these two shows since the cast grew up where I did, even though some of it was scripted. I loved seeing shots of the surrounding area and thinking, hey! I know just where that is and it’s beautiful! Anyways, even though those shows have ended, I still loved Lauren Conrad especially. She’s been so successful in all the right ways and I really respect her. I have most of her books including L.A. Candy, Beauty, and Style. I can’t say I’ve kept up with Kristin Cavallari as much, but I’m actually quite impressed with her book! In high school, these two weren’t exactly friends, but I’m happy to see both of them are still successful and hopefully they cleared up some beef!

Let’s start off with Lauren’s book entitled Celebrate. This book was very cohesive with her other two fashion and lifestyle books she let out. They all flow together very nicely style wise. The photography is always gorgeous and from a graphic design perspective, very well organized and thoughtful. I really appreciate all the small details that went into this book and not to mention, she has A TON of information in it! She shows you how to organize for events such as a bridal shower, a dinner party, a housewarming, and even a wedding! Any person who aspires to be an event planner should definitely pick up this book! Here’s a few pages that I found especially beautiful from her book:







Next is Kristin’s book entitled Balancing in Heels. In it she covers topics from being a mother of three, to food recipes, and even working out! She give some great tips about a ton of different things and I must say her photography is also gorgeous. From a design standpoint, I do enjoy Lauren’s book a little more because it matches my aesthetic, but that doesn’t mean Kristin’s is any less beautiful! I love how she covers a broad spectrum of topics and gives her advice! Here’s some photos of a few pages I loved:







Definitely go check out both these books by these amazing authors! It’s definitely worth the buy and they’re some great coffee table books as well. Hope you enjoyed and happy reading!❤

By the Seaside OOTD

Hello everyone! I’m glad you all have been enjoying my OOTD’s, I’ve been having a lot of fun putting them together! It’s the perfect season for sundresses, which is why I’ve been posting so many haha. I have another amazing dress for you guys that is a gorgeous blue color and to me, looks just like the ocean! Hence, the title for it. You know the drill, so here’s the photos!:)




This dress is a tie-dye print, with dark and light blues. The bottom of the dress is cut so that there are longer and shorter pieces. I have a dress that has a similar effect which I wrote about in my Tribal Print OOTD. I think this was a really great move on the designer’s part because combined with the print, the cut makes the dress looks like water moving. I’m obsessed with this effect! The back has a very simple cut with skinny straps. The simple top balances out the busyness at the bottom.



I accessorized this dress with an auburn bralette (I love the opposing colors of orange and blue together). I also threw on a couple silver knuckle rings. I thought they went well with my sun necklace (also, thanks to my sister for letting me steal some rings). I love this simple necklace from Etsy; it goes with so many dresses and outfits! I also brought out the flower crown again since it went with the blue of the dress so well. I’m thinking about making a couple others with different shades of the same color! You can check out how I made this one in my DIY Flower Crown post.

Hope you guys enjoyed! Write me below with any questions or comments! Thanks<3

How I Style a Thrifted Skirt!

Hey everyone! I recently went thrift shopping for the first time and picked up something pretty cute. I’ve always been pretty skeptical about thrift shopping, but after going, I have a better outlook towards it. You can find some pretty amazing pieces for shockingly cheap! I bought this skirt at the Buffalo Exchange in San Diego. I’m not sure where their other location are, or if there even are any other locations haha. I have three looks shown below, from slightly formal to comfy casual! Hope you enjoy!





For this option, I wore a super baggy collared shirt with this suede skirt. The skirt has a scallop cut at the bottom and I bought it for $10. I’ve been looking for a skirt similar to this for so long, so this was such a steal! The top is cut at the sides so I took that opportunity to tie it up in a knock on the side. This gives such a messy yet put together vibe. I also rolled up the sleeves, but you could totally roll them down and it would be just as cute. I accessorized this outfit with my black suede string necklace, which I made myself. I simply wrapped it around a couple times and tied it in a bow. I think this adds a super cute girly look to the whole outfit. I also wore my black suede boots to match this necklace. Lastly, I am wearing this gorgeous jewel ring from Melrose in the O.C.



This second option is a more casual one compared to the first. I threw on a flowy gray sweater (from H&M) with the skirt. This sweater is pretty thin, so I wear it as a shirt. It is also cut along the sides and the front is longer than the back. I am wearing Adidas Originals with this outfit to make it more casual and I think they work so well with it! (I can’t tell you how long it took me to find these freaking shoes!) I accessorized with my bohemian necklace from Nordstrom and the same jewel ring.



The third option is the most casual out of the three. I am wearing a comfy t-shirt from the brand Obey. I really love their clothing and this is one of my favorite t-shirts. I love the little Exacto knives that are crossed together on the graphic. It reminds me of my art and graphic design classes at school haha. It’s such an artsy piece and I thought the gray color of it worked well with the skirt. Again, I am wearing my amazing Adidas and my mirrored sunglasses which are from Nordstrom!

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing how I style this thrifted skirt. Check out Buffalo Exchange for great deals and amazing style!❤

Midsummer Night’s Dream OOTD

Another OOTD yay! I had a lot of fun with this one since I finally got to feature my flower crown I made during Easter. You can see the post where I showed how to make it here! This dress is great for the spring and summertime and I’m really looking forward to wearing it more (whenever the weather decides to stop being bipolar). It was a great beach coverup as well! Here’s the photos, I promise all of them are in focus this time haha!

Also, I curled my hair with a Nume curling iron. I usually use a large barrel to get loose, beachy waves. However, this time I used the smallest barrel to get tight curls and get a bit of a fairy vibe haha. Hope you guys enjoy!



I’m a little obsessed with this dress right now, hence all of the photos to come. I just really wanted to show how flowy and beautiful it is. It’s so flattering and I hope these photos do it justice. The straps are thin and the cut at the bottom is just perfect. It moves with your body in such a great way and is so comfy! Not to mention, the pattern is just so cool and in the perfect shade of dark blue. The back is just as cute too!


I wore my lacy black bralette with this dress to match my black suede shoes. I got this bralette from Urban Outfitters and I love how it can be worn with almost any outfit! It looks great with the open back of the dress, which ties across in a little string bow.


This is me overly excited that my second year of college is almost over!!


Here is a nice close up of the flower crown. It was so much fun to put together and arranging all of the spring inspired colors!





Just in case it gets a little chilly, I paired the dress with this creme cardigan. It’s one of favorites since it’s so oversized and comfortable. I’m pretty sure I bought this from Nordstrom years ago. It still goes great with so many outfits and a staple for any wardrobe!


Hope you guys like this outfit, I’m really loving it and hope the weather warms up soon so I can wear it! Let me know what you think or if you have any questions. Thanks everyone!❤

Tribal Print OOTD

Hi guys! As I promised, here is a new post with a new outfit! I bought a few sundresses for my birthday (my birthday was on March 28th, but I didn’t have time to take photos of them until now!) This one in particular is one of my favorites, so let’s get into the photos! Disclaimer: I’m sorry a couple of these photos are a bit blurry, I’m still learning the best way to use my camera’s settings.






This dress is absolutely stunning and extremely comfortable! The print has a tribal vibe and is very intricate. It has thin straps and the most gorgeous cut at the bottom. I think the cut is what makes it so flowy and airy. The neckline is cut pretty low, so I paired it with a dark gray bralette from Urban Outfitters. It also gives such a nice detail to the dress. I think it is so flattering and girly. I also paired it with a black sunhat since I will probably be wearing this outfit when it is sunny (even though it was gray outside when I took these photos).


Here are some detail photos of the jewelry and hat I accessorized the dress with. The long necklace I got at Nordstrom and I’m obsessed with the time silver detailing and black jewels in it! It went perfectly with this outfit. I also wore this bracelet that has similar silver detailing and a turquoise diamond shape in the middle. This sunhat is also super cute with the simple bow at the side. Perfect for those ultra sunny days!





For these last photos, I threw on a burgundy cardigan. I love this color with the creme and black of the dress. You never know when it will get a little chilly down by the beach! I love how this cardigan has a cut on each side and is very long. Loving it with the unique cut of the dress! If you haven’t noticed, I am not wearing any shoes. Black ankle boots would look very nice with this outfit, if you decide to wear something like this out on the town. For me though, I will probably be wearing this around the beach so I won’t need any shoes haha.

Anyways, I hope you guys love this look! As always, comment down below with any questions of comments! Hope you guys are enjoying the rainy weather!:)

Pescetarianism: Month 2!

Hey everyone! I’m SO sorry it’s been so long since I’ve made a post. I’m in my last month of school and the work just seems to be piling on. My friends and I have been feeling pretty overloaded, but I’ve missed blogging so much! Look forward to some more posts this weekend, I have a lot planned! As you all know, I recently went pescatarian. You can check out my first post about it here, where I explain more in depth why I made the switch. **Also, please enjoy the image of the bunnies; they are some adorable little vegetarians!**

It has now been two months since I decided to change to this “diet”. I hesitate calling it a diet since it honestly hasn’t been that difficult for me and it definitely is not any sort of deprivation. I enjoy making healthier food choices than I would while eating meat and I personally have seen small changes to my body. I found that when including meat in my diet, I got too full pretty fast and I ended up feeling gross afterwards. Now though, I find that I can actually eat more! I think now I eat smaller proportions more often of meaningful foods. For example, I make sure to eat lots of rice and beans to get a good amount of protein in my diet. A bowl of this with some fruit or salad makes for a good meal. However, I will probably be hungry soon after this. But that’s okay! Eating healthy and doing it often in a day is great! I always try to reach for the healthiest option that is in my cafeteria, even though it’s hard at times. Of course, I have my moments where I need some sweets since I have THE WORST sweet tooth. I think if you’re really craving something, and you usually eat healthy overall, it’s okay to be lenient with yourself once in a while.

As I mentioned in my last post about pescetarianism, I have also been researching veganism. While I don’t think I will be becoming vegan anytime soon, I hope in the future I can try it out! A YouTuber I have been watching more and more lately is Freelee the Banana Girl. There is always a lot of controversy surrounding her channel. She can be a bit harsh sometimes, and if you’ve ever watched her, you’ll understand that statement. If you’re curious about her, definitely look her up and let me know what you think! Personally, I would agree that she has a strong personality, but I also believe she is extremely informative! Learning facts about veganism has really intrigued me and I love hearing what advice she has to give. She also stresses how helpful this is to animals. You know, not eating them and stuff haha. All jokes aside, Freelee will insert clips of how the meat industry treats its animals and how much they suffer and are tortured. I had not seen these types of images in a while, and it reminded me just how inhumane the whole system is and how much I want to help. There are many different opinions about this, but that is my own on the matter. If you’re interested in this topic, I totally recommend researching different articles, videos, and movies to help yourself get informed.

Overall, I’m still loving being a pescatarian! Rarely I will get cravings for chicken, for example, but I remind myself of the positive changes that have come with being a pescatarian and how I have not caused harm to those animals. That’s a pretty good feeling! I have also been going to the gym and working out very often and that’s has made me feel amazing as well. I have been going at least 3-4 times a week and really feeling accomplished afterwards! Hope this was informative or helpful to at least one of you and that you had a wonderful day!!❤